Contdex uses only premium DTM (Direct-To-Metal) container paint. Before paint is applied, each rusted section is cleaned to bare metal and protected with heavy duty primer. The standard shipping container color is “Light Ivory”. We offer a wide variety of custom colors. Non-standard colors are extra charge. See chart below for details.

Work with our custom design team! We can offer suggestions and examples from past projects. The process is simple and quick. If you can imagine it, we can build it, better.

Custom color chart


Yellow and Beige

NumberSampleCIELAB L*CIELAB a*CIELAB b*English Name
RAL 1000 76.02-0.3727.64Green beige
RAL 1001 74.9905.1024.64Beige
RAL 1002 73.4506.8333.80Sand yellow
RAL 1003 75.9918.8072.93Signal yellow
RAL 1004 71.4215.2869.28Golden yellow
RAL 1005 65.6512.3061.90Honey yellow
RAL 1006 68.2021.1365.98Maize yellow
RAL 1007 68.3825.4467.13Daffodil yellow
RAL 1011 59.9211.3529.17Brown beige
RAL 1012 75.0404.6461.31Lemon yellow
RAL 1013 88.1300.1909.67Oyster white
RAL 1014 81.2202.4722.88Ivory
RAL 1015* 86.4002.0615.48Light ivory / Gaz’s Beige
RAL 1016 88.370-9.7871.30Sulfur yellow
RAL 1017 76.3219.3751.02Saffron yellow
RAL 1018 84.8303.0569.19Zinc yellow
RAL 1019 62.6204.3112.94Grey beige
RAL 1020 61.9800.3923.18Olive yellow
RAL 1021 78.8810.0382.04Rape yellow
RAL 1023 79.0710.4680.50Traffic yellow
RAL 1024 64.2007.9536.66Ochre yellow
RAL 1026 95.36-21.56120.18Luminous yellow
RAL 1027 58.1505.8347.68Curry
RAL 1028 74.9729.6479.69Melon yellow
RAL 1032 72.3212.1666.97Broom yellow
RAL 1033 73.2026.5063.47Dahlia yellow
RAL 1034 72.7321.4045.09Pastel yellow
RAL 1035 54.7900.3511.86Pearl beige
RAL 1036 48.9504.7726.69Pearl gold
RAL 1058 70.2826.1964.79Sun yellow


NumberSampleCIELAB L*CIELAB a*CIELAB b*English Name
RAL 2000 60.3534.6454.65Yellow orange
RAL 2001 49.4139.7935.29Red orange
RAL 2002 47.7447.8733.73Vermillion
RAL 2003 66.0241.2252.36Pastel orange
RAL 2004 56.8950.3449.81Pure orange
RAL 2005 62.2687.8394.26Luminous orange
RAL 2007 76.8647.8797.63Luminous bright orange
RAL 2008 61.9944.6451.72Bright red orange
RAL 2009 55.8347.7948.83Traffic orange
RAL 2010 55.3940.1042.42Signal orange
RAL 2011 61.7638.1652.39Deep orange
RAL 2012 57.7540.2830.66Salmon orange
RAL 2013 40.7332.1434.92Pearl orange


NumberSampleCIELAB L*CIELAB a*CIELAB b*English Name
RAL 3000 42.4043.2425.00Flame red
RAL 3001 40.1941.2121.60Signal red
RAL 3002 39.8241.8422.04Carmine red
RAL 3003 35.5935.8715.75Ruby red
RAL 3004 33.0525.6109.02Purple red
RAL 3005 30.9618.4605.76Wine red
RAL 3007 28.3408.1402.22Black red
RAL 3009 35.0519.9311.53Oxide red
RAL 3011 34.5228.6613.44Brown red
RAL 3012 63.8120.7920.45Beige red
RAL 3013 40.7036.6721.37Tomato red
RAL 3014 60.1732.4912.58Antique pink
RAL 3015 72.7320.4803.96Light pink
RAL 3016 44.7037.9223.96Coral red
RAL 3017 54.2444.2616.87Rose
RAL 3018 50.7749.1519.86Strawberry red
RAL 3020 44.6652.0332.26Traffic red
RAL 3022 58.1036.4427.34Salmon pink
RAL 3024 51.3282.5271.62Luminous red
RAL 3026 54.3886.2676.07Luminous bright red
RAL 3027 43.0746.9615.81Raspberry red
RAL 3028 48.8054.4233.08Pure red
RAL 3031 43.8741.3718.33Orient red
RAL 3032 26.8841.3419.40Pearl ruby red
RAL 3033 44.2945.1128.62Pearl pink


NumberSampleCIELAB L*CIELAB a*CIELAB b*English Name
RAL 4001 49.1017.35-12.85Red lilac
RAL 4002 41.9130.0505.67Red violet
RAL 4003 56.8140.8905.53Heather violet
RAL 4004 32.2224.8300.06Claret violet
RAL 4005 50.9215.38-23.06Blue lilac
RAL 4006 42.3839.48-14.94Traffic purple
RAL 4007 30.0513.1605.10Purple violet
RAL 4008 44.8229.08-18.58Signal violet
RAL 4009 60.5910.380-2.88Pastel violet
RAL 4010 50.3948.9504.24Telemagenta
RAL 4011 47.9218.89-20.83Pearl violet
RAL 4012 46.3307.27-11.94Pearl blackberry


NumberSampleCIELAB L*CIELAB a*CIELAB b*English Name
RAL 5000 38.3001.90-19.45Violet blue
RAL 5001 35.4307.52-16.65Green blue
RAL 5002 33.1108.43-35.40Ultramarine blue
RAL 5003 30.5300.37-16.68Sapphire blue
RAL 5004 26.5600.1904.07Black blue
RAL 5005 38.3505.03-32.56Signal blue
RAL 5007 46.3706.24-21.71Brilliant blue
RAL 5008 32.0002.0906.07Grey blue
RAL 5009 41.2209.56-18.34Azure blue
RAL 5010 36.5705.81-28.94Gentian blue
RAL 5011 28.2101.1108.72Steel blue
RAL 5012 55.62-13.84-30.72Light blue
RAL 5013 29.8101.67-17.20Cobalt blue
RAL 5014 53.7902.64-15.59Pigeon blue
RAL 5015 51.13-12.69-34.21Sky blue
RAL 5017 40.40-10.67-32.00Traffic blue
RAL 5018 55.13-27.2708.47Turquoise blue
RAL 5019 41.1809.97-25.87Capri blue
RAL 5020 32.30-13.0109.39Ocean blue
RAL 5021 47.15-29.2609.32Water blue
RAL 5022 29.6107.97-21.50Night blue
RAL 5023 47.6402.96-21.18Distant blue
RAL 5024 60.5009.53-17.38Pastel blue
RAL 5025 35.93-11.81-16.28Pearl Gentian blue
RAL 5026 16.0007.84-29.10Pearl night blue


NumberSampleCIELAB L*CIELAB a*CIELAB b*English Name
RAL 6000 48.70-20.5804.64Patina green
RAL 6001 43.86-23.5718.31Emerald green
RAL 6002 39.87-19.3916.95Leaf green
RAL 6003 39.2504.3610.17olive green
RAL 6004 33.40-13.1703.07Blue green
RAL 6005 32.26-13.6902.85Moss green
RAL 6006 33.0401.1104.17Grey olive
RAL 6007 30.4203.8504.77Bottle green
RAL 6008 29.8200.6704.34Brown green
RAL 6009 29.8105.7403.12Fir green
RAL 6010 46.05-20.4622.24Grass green
RAL 6011 53.24-11.6114.48Reseda green
RAL 6012 31.9404.3600.46Black green
RAL 6013 52.3002.0814.26Reed green
RAL 6014 33.8400.4606.15Yellow olive
RAL 6015 31.9301.4402.99Black olive
RAL 6016 42.92-32.2206.72Turquoise green
RAL 6017 52.33-23.2426.15May green
RAL 6018 59.83-32.9637.72Yellow green
RAL 6019 81.42-12.5713.50pastel green
RAL 6020 34.7705.8206.23Chrome green
RAL 6021 63.69-11.2814.13Pale green
RAL 6022 30.4300.5405.62Brown olive
RAL 6024 51.81-38.0215.50Traffic green
RAL 6025 47.45-13.4521.37Fern green
RAL 6026 39.25-29.4300.67Opal green
RAL 6027 72.80-19.8203.62Light green
RAL 6028 38.15-12.8603.82Pine green
RAL 6029 44.18-39.0615.73Mint green
RAL 6032 50.67-33.2514.76Signal green
RAL 6033 54.93-20.402.06Mint turquoise
RAL 6034 69.16-15.9505.10Pastel turquoise
RAL 6035 29.14-29.1916.35Pearl green
RAL 6036 33.97-29.0400.68Pearl opal green
RAL 6037 53.49-46.7734.32Pure green
RAL 6038 63.64-80.2354.00Luminous green


NumberSampleCIELAB L*CIELAB a*CIELAB b*English Name
RAL 7000 58.3203.1404.71Squirrel grey
RAL 7001 63.8102.2204.05Silver grey
RAL 7002 54.5100.0910.69Olive grey
RAL 7003 52.3201.1806.92Moss grey
RAL 7004 65.7700.2000.81Signal grey
RAL 7005 50.0001.5500.82Mouse grey
RAL 7006 48.5302.1507.57Beige grey
RAL 7008 45.9103.3417.92Khaki grey
RAL 7009 43.1902.4303.87Green grey
RAL 7010 42.6902.0902.04Tarpaulin grey
RAL 7011 41.5201.6802.72Iron grey
RAL 7012 44.3401.7701.71Basalt grey
RAL 7013 39.2100.5906.33

Brown-grey also

  • NATO-olive
  • Stone-grey-olive
RAL 7015 40.5000.2503.40Slate grey
RAL 7016 33.8401.3302.83Anthracite grey
RAL 7021 30.6500.4301.22Black grey
RAL 7022 37.7500.0702.23Umbra grey
RAL 7023 55.6001.4504.52Concrete grey
RAL 7024 36.9700.1303.32Graphite grey
RAL 7026 34.7103.0202.48Granite grey
RAL 7030 61.3100.2604.53Stone grey
RAL 7031 47.8302.9604.01Blue grey
RAL 7032 73.3900.9308.09Pebble grey
RAL 7033 56.7803.3606.32Cement grey
RAL 7034 59.6800.1012.74Yellow grey
RAL 7035 81.2901.2400.79Light grey
RAL 7036 63.4901.2700.78Platinum grey
RAL 7037 55.3000.4600.22Dusty grey
RAL 7038 72.9701.5002.97Agate grey
RAL 7039 47.8600.1704.00Quartz grey
RAL 7040 66.6301.1702.82Window grey
RAL 7042 62.5801.5100.21Traffic grey A
RAL 7043 40.2301.2800.00Traffic grey B
RAL 7044 74.6600.0405.08Silk grey
RAL 7045 62.7101.2402.14Telegrey 1
RAL 7046 57.7501.6003.00Telegrey 2
RAL 7047 81.4300.0100.10Telegrey 4
RAL 7048 54.5500.4507.59Pearl mouse grey


NumberSampleCIELAB L*CIELAB a*CIELAB b*English Name
RAL 8000 Green brown
RAL 8001 50.6217.0231.31Ochre brown
RAL 8002 41.8814.4513.31Signal brown
RAL 8003 42.5615.5921.67Clay brown
RAL 8004 43.7822.8320.22Copper brown
RAL 8007 38.9912.6217.08Fawn brown
RAL 8008 41.1010.4519.33Olive brown
RAL 8011 33.9810.0410.97Nut brown
RAL 8012 34.3917.0610.17Red brown
RAL 8014 31.9904.7707.71Sepia brown
RAL 8015 33.5215.0209.25Chestnut brown
RAL 8016 31.1909.6307.56Mahogany brown
RAL 8017 30.6005.9904.34Chocolate brown
RAL 8019 31.4602.1201.10Grey brown
RAL 8022 25.0801.1800.67Black brown
RAL 8023 49.3724.9130.25Orange brown
RAL 8024 42.9311.8815.90Beige brown
RAL 8025 44.0007.9511.73Pale brown
RAL 8028 34.1905.7208.58Terra brown
RAL 8029 35.0625.5827.32Pearl copper

White and Black

NumberSampleCIELAB L*CIELAB a*CIELAB b*English Name
RAL 9001 90.4000.6606.64Cream
RAL 9002 86.0500.8904.21Grey white
RAL 9003 94.1300.5500.81Signal white
RAL 9004 28.6600.2400.66Signal black
RAL 9005 25.3300.1300.16Jet black
RAL 9006 67.7700.5800.76White aluminium
RAL 9007 59.3900.0102.34Grey aluminium
RAL 9010 94.5700.4704.14Pure white
RAL 9011 26.5400.0501.13Graphite black
RAL 9016 95.2600.7602.11Traffic white
RAL 9017 27.2500.4400.51Traffic black
RAL 9018 82.7102.0601.93Papyrus white
RAL 9022 65.3800.4300.34Pearl light grey
RAL 9023 57.3200.3100.98Pearl dark grey


  • Direct To Metal paint
  • Priced for Light Ivory (RAL1015) or Light Gray (RA 7035)


  • 10-year warranty on new containers and fabrications
  • 5-year warranty on used/refurbished containers and fabrications

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    Maksud Alam
    Maksud Alam
    I ordered a used 45ft container from this Contdex, the service has been second to none, they are super efficient and very professional. Very quick with response, communication was spot on... a very reasonable price I might add, the planning for the delivery was super fast. William is a credit to this company, well done and keep up the good work, I may be ordering another very soon
    Susmit Rahman
    Susmit Rahman
    I am very happy with Contdex, I enquired on Monday and it was delivered by Thursday afternoon! I have also had the Grafo treatment for reducing condensation in the container. I would not hesitate in recommending this company....
    Linkan Gharami
    Linkan Gharami
    The delivery information was detailed, clear, and comprehensive. The delivery went very smoothly and I would definitely deal with the Company again.
    Sujit Baidya
    Sujit Baidya
    Absolutely brilliant to do business with Contdex, William was looking after me and informed me on every stage of progress, Is a pleasure to work with them. Cheers
    Faridul Islam
    Faridul Islam
    Excellent service throughout the purchase. reasonable prices. Delivery driver was very friendly and professional. 10/10
    rafsan raj
    rafsan raj
    Good company in Australia. they are maintain 100% commitment. Go ahead Contdex.
    Md Shakil Khan
    Md Shakil Khan
    Contdex Is Great company to do business with --really helpful and efficient. --highly recommended...
    Katherin Matthews
    Katherin Matthews
    Best service. I recommend them.
    They are very good service and fast delivery, I am very satisfied to receive service from them
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    Max Mular
    Great service - Speedy delivery - Very accommodating delivery driver. Thoroughly recommend!
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